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Power Generation Environmental Services


Landmark provides a suite of highly specialized transmission and power generation environmental services. We fundamentally understand the facility systems, processes, and operations unique to power generation and transmission.

Process Safety and Occupational Health


The power industry is, by nature, fraught with high-hazard potential and recognized occupational risks. Landmark has specific expertise in assessing and mitigating common environmental hazards to power plant workers, including electrical shocks and burns, boiler fires and explosions, contact with hazardous chemicals, and hearing conservation. We apply industry expertise to the following specialized services

  • Process Safety Management Reviews and Program Support.

  • Electrical Safety Audits/Lock Out Tag Out Surveys.

  • Personal Noise Monitoring and Hearing Conservation.

  • Chemical Exposure Assessments.

  • Natural Gas and Coal Dust Explosion Assessments.

  • Welding Safety and related IH Programs.

  • PCB Assessments and Sampling.

  • Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) IH Sampling and Exposure Assessments.

Building Assessment, Abatement Planning, and Demolition/ Decommissioning Support


Landmark has unparalleled expertise in planning, sampling, and managing hazardous building materials at power generation facilities. This expertise includes waste management and permitting to address unique and difficult disposal issues. This expertise is invaluable in preventing unexpected and expensive delays in demolition, decommissioning, or repurposing of plants and facilities. We apply multiple, complex project experience to the following specialized services:

  • Hazardous Building Materials Surveys.

  • Abatement Cost Estimation for Budgetary Planning and Forecasting.

  • Abatement Design and Specification Development.

  • Demolition Monitoring and Oversight.

  • Materials Segregation and Waste Minimization Support.

  • Data and Quality Control Management.


Industrial Hygiene Services for a Regional Power Generation and Transmission Cooperative 

Landmark works in concert with local operations and corporate Environmental, Health, and Safety personnel to develop feasible and cost-effective solutions to help mitigate risks and minimize downtime. (Read more)

Critical Evaluation of Asbestos Abatement Bids for Two Midwestern Power Generation Plants

Applying industry-specific knowledge of power plants, Landmark completed a critical review of abatement bids and developed a comprehensive abatement cost estimate, resulting in substantial savings to projected project costs. (Read more)

Asbestos Planning and Management Services for a Regional Power Generation and Transmission Cooperative

Landmark’s specialized knowledge of power plant characteristics allows strategic, cost-effective management of asbestos management and abatement requirements. (Read more)

Excavation Industrial Hygiene and Waste Management Services for Natural Gas Pipeline Construction

Applying a practical Soils Characterization and Management Plan, Landmark rapidly completed an excavation of a natural gas pipeline trench within the footprint of an unregulated landfill. (Read more)

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