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Industrial Environmental Services


Landmark provides a range of industrial environmental services for various facilities and property owners to support site acquisition, Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) risk management, environmental compliance, and decommissioning. Landmark offers these industrial environmental services to a varied client base, including chemical plants, manufacturers, aerospace, munitions, hospitality, food and beverage, and telecommunication service providers. A major challenge for industries today is achieving environmental compliance while controlling costs and remaining competitive. We help our clients develop pragmatic and direct solutions to address these challenges without sacrificing production or profitability.

Industrial Environmental, Health, and Safety 


Landmark delivers solutions that proactively manage ESH risks, identify opportunities for continuous improvement, and create long-term business value. Our industrial hygienists help clients manage workplace risks and contain costs associated with potential exposures to biological, chemical, and physical agents. Our approach integrates environmental, energy, and corporate EHS strategies, facilitating comprehensive and accurate decisions for systems, operations, and compliance.


Services include:

  • Industrial Hygiene Program Development.

  • Occupational Safety Reviews and Program Support.

  • Process Safety Management Reviews and Program Support.

  • Chemical Exposure, Indoor Air Quality, and Biological Assessments.

  • Training Program Development and Custom Training.


Property Transaction Support 


Landmark provides a full suite of environmental services for industrial and commercial property transactions. We tailor these environmental due diligence services to address specific operational and environmental liability concerns. In many situations, bundled Phase I Assessments Environmental Site Assessment (ESAs), Property Condition Assessments (PCAs), and Hazardous Material Surveys (HBMs) are conducted to meet more comprehensive and/or more time-critical requirements.  


Services include:

  • Phase I ESAs for Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal Facilities.

  • Property Condition Assessments.

  • Bundled Phase I ESA, PCA and HBM, Asbestos-Containing Materials, and Lead-Based Paint Surveys.

  • Remediation Cost Estimation to Support Transaction Negotiation or Financing.

  • State-Specific Voluntary Cleanup Program and Brownfield Initiative Support,

Environmental Consulting and Engineering 


Landmark’s environmental engineers, scientists, and regulatory specialists work closely with clients and regulatory agencies to design technically sound strategies that best meet the client’s needs and regulatory agency’s requirements. Our experience encompasses all aspects of the Superfund processes, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) corrective action processes, and state voluntary cleanup programs.


Services include:

  • Spatially Representative Soils and Subsurface Sampling Programs.

  • RCRA Corrective Action Plans, Regulatory Agency Negotiations, and Implementation.

  • Remedial Design.

  • In-situ/Ex-situ Soil and Groundwater Remediation.

  • Remedy Effectiveness Evaluation.

Environmental Compliance


Landmark’s comprehensive assessments of environmental compliance benchmark existing programs against both state and federal regulations, as well as industry best practices. These findings can then be used to prioritize actions necessary to ensure compliance with regulations as well as improve the overall organizational performance.


Services include:

  • Environmental Compliance Assessments.

  • Compliance Plans, Schedules, and Budgetary Forecasts.

  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Hazardous Materials Identification, Handling, Storage, and Disposal Consulting and Inspections.

  • Clean Water Act National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permitting and Discharge Monitoring Support.

  • Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act Title III Reporting.

  • Toxic Substances Control Act Compliance Monitoring.


Multidisciplinary Environmental Compliance  Services for a National Retailer

Landmark assisted Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) in navigating the challenges of updating a historically preserved industrial building with environmental and safety considerations without impacting store operations. Landmark provided high-value project management, planning, design, industrial hygiene, project and facility safety, environmental consulting services, and construction implementation review for REI at their Denver, Colorado flagship store. (Read more)

Solid Waste Beneficial Use Recycling Engineering for a Sugar Beet Processing Facility

Landmark designed and implemented one of the first successful state-approved sugar beet spent lime recycling project at a former sugar beet processing in Greeley, Colorado. Landmark evaluated the effectiveness, feasibility, and cost of recycling spent lime derived from the sugar beet processing for structural fill. Landmark conducted chemical analytical testing of the recycled lime and performed bench scale and pilot scale materials testing of several mixtures of the spent lime with soil. After analytical testing confirmed the spent lime was not an environmental concern, the optimum ratio of recycled lime to soil was identified through geotechnical testing. (Read more)

Comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety Program Development for a Pharmaceutical Industry Facility

Landmark provided expert technical assistance in the development and implementation of a comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety Program for a pharmaceutical facility that manufactures Schedule 1 narcotics.  This three-year project was performed during the merger/acquisition of the facility and included improvements to the Facility Safety Manual and process health and safety protocols. (Read more)

Asbestos Compliance Evaluation for Metals Processing Facilities

Landmark conducted an accelerated asbestos inspection and compliance evaluation at four major industrial facilities to assess the completeness of historical asbestos-related information, develop associated life cycle costs, and implement program improvements at the facilities. The evaluation included both record review and targeted site inspections at four facilities with 150 buildings, including a major alloys plant, two large metals reclamation plants, and aluminum can plant. (Read more)


Multidisciplinary  Environmental Compliance and Engineering Services for a Western U.S. Sugar Beet Processing Company

Landmark has conducted numerous industrial hygiene and environmental compliance projects for a  sugar beet processing company with facilities and product transfer substations located throughout the Mountain-West region. (Read more)


Innovative and Cost-Effective Materials Management for Structural Water Reservoir Demolition  

Landmark prepared and implemented an innovative, cost-effective Materials Management Plan and Sampling and Analysis Plan for a concrete structural water reservoir demolition project. Prior demolition activities inadvertently caused an asbestos-containing material spill, and the nature and extent had been mischaracterized, resulting in project delays and a potentially cost-prohibitive spill response. (Read more)

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