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Demolition Management


To manage risk, meet regulatory requirements, and drive down cost, Landmark provides expert assistance with the deactivation, decommissioning, decontamination, and demolition of surplus, outdated, and out-of-service facilities. We design programs that allow clients to walk away from sites/facilities after demolition completion without future environmental implications.


For more than 20 years, Landmark Environmental has provided decontamination and demolition management services at industrial plants, federal facilities structures, and sites contaminated with waste streams.


Using our up-to-date safety programs, we safely and efficiently provide oversight for dismantling building components, removing hazardous materials, demolishing structures, and remediating contaminated properties.

Our demolition management services include:

  • Pre-Demolition Planning and Permitting.

  • Demolition Abatement and Design.

  • Contract and Specification Development Support.

  • Demolition Monitoring and Oversight.

  • Emission Monitoring and Control.

  • Site Safety Audits.

  • Hazardous/Regulated Materials Identification and Management.

  • Materials Segregation and Waste Minimization Support.


Comprehensive Environmental Support for the Dismantlement of a Natural Gas Liquids Recovery Plant

Landmark provided thoughtful, timely, safe, and cost-effective environmental support for the dismantlement of a natural gas liquids recovery plant. The project scope included four natural gas compressor engines and two natural gas oil heaters. Landmark’s work spanned documentation of pre-existing environmental conditions and preparation of requisite demolition management documents, including an Asbestos Management Plan, Health and Safety Plan, and a Spill Containment, Control, and Countermeasure Plan. The asbestos management strategy included assessing non-friable asbestos and developing preferred alternatives for the management of asbestos during facility dismantlement. (Read more)

Decontamination and Demolition Management of a Petroleum Technology Center

The Landmark team developed precedent-setting Materials Management Plans for the closure of an 80-acre Petroleum Research facility was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Significant Achievement. (Read more)

Demolition Management of a Major Retail Redevelopment Project

Redevelopment of a 100-acre major commercial property required conscientious environmental technical services to support reliance by numerous lenders. The redevelopment of a Colorado commercial and major retail site was initiated with the closure of the site followed by environmental abatement and structural demolition of the 900,000-square foot facility. (Read more)

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