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Asbestos Abatement Management

Landmark Environmental provides a full range of services associated with all phases of environmental abatement management. We have an extensive technical background in managing abatement projects and have actively participated in the development of industry and regulatory standards. Our abatement management services are designed to meet regulatory compliance, control emissions, and implement work practices that protect people and the environment.


Landmark Environmental provides air monitoring and abatement oversight to ensure that bid specifications are followed, safe work practices are utilized, and air fiber levels are maintained below regulatory levels or project-specific levels. Landmark is accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT) program for PCM (Laboratory ID# 221663). This accreditation allows rapid onsite PCM analysis of air samples during the project. Landmark also performs turnkey abatement services with associated management, construction administration, and quality assurance abatement oversight.

Our abatement management services include:

  • Abatement Design and Specifications.

  • Abatement Cost Estimation for Budgetary Planning and Forecasting.

  • General Abatement Contractor bid documents and bidder selection.

  • Permitting.

  • Clearance Air Monitoring.

  • Project Completion Documentation.

  • Waste Characterization and Disposal.


Excavation Industrial Hygiene and Waste Management Services for Natural Gas Pipeline Construction

Applying a practical Soils Characterization and Management Plan, Landmark rapidly completed an excavation of a natural gas pipeline trench within the footprint of an unregulated landfill. (Read more)

Remediation of a Former Crude Oil Pipeline Corridor

Landmark managed and performed a long-term asbestos program for a crude oil pipeline corridor operated by a major oil and gas client. This 15-year project included management and implementation of asbestos compliance, industrial hygiene, safety, and Operations and Maintenance Programs. The asbestos consisted of pipe wrap used to insulate and protect the pipe from corrosion in the subsurface environment and was released during historical salvage operations by an independent contractor.   (Read more)

Environmental Remediation of a Historical Munitions Arsenal

Landmark conducted Industrial Hygiene Assessments in close concert with Explosives Safety Surveys in 82 buildings at a 200-year-old Arsenal. As a team member for the Facilities Reduction Program, Landmark conducted asbestos, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls, and other regulated materials surveys at 82 structures operated since the Korean War. (Read more)


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