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Environmental Due Diligence


Environmental due diligence services are an integral component of Landmark's Property Development practice. Our senior professionals have performed environmental assessments for buyers and owners seeking to refinance or have an insurance claim. Landmark Environmental has also worked on behalf of banks, law firms, and municipalities.


Our experience has given us a broad perspective on technical issues and regulatory constraints related to environmental site assessments in a wide variety of conditions. This includes manufacturing facilities, industrial complexes, renewable resource development projects, rural lands, multi-family housing, and health care facilities. Landmark provides responsive, efficient, competent consultations under strict, time-critical deadlines.

Our environmental due diligence services include:

  • Phase I Environmental Sites Assessments (ESAs) for commercial, industrial, and municipal facilities (American Society for Testing and Materials [ASTM] E1527-13).

  • Phase I ESAs for rural lands and large-scale energy development projects (ASTM E 2247-16).

  • Environmental Transaction Screens (ASTM 1528-06).

  • Property Condition Assessments (ASTM E2018-08).

  • Bundled Phase I ESA, Property Condition Assessments, and Asbestos-Containing Materials/Hazardous Building Materials Surveys.

  • Phase II Investigations, including subsurface, soils, and buildings. 

  • Time-Sensitive Concurrent Phase I ESAs and Phase II Investigations.

  • Remediation Cost Estimation to Support Transaction Negotiation or Financing.


Critical Evaluation of Asbestos Abatement Bids for Two Midwestern Power Generation Plants

Applying industry-specific knowledge of power plants, Landmark completed a critical review of abatement bids and developed a comprehensive abatement cost estimate, resulting in substantial savings to projected project costs. Landmark developed specifications, solicited, and evaluated bids for abatement of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) at the two 100-year old Power Plant Sites in Chicago, Illinois. This project encompassed significant demolition activities, including the abatement of ACM and other Regulated Building Materials (RBMs). The project also included the recovery of equipment and scrap metals, with the client anticipating that the asset value of the plants would exceed the cost of RBM abatement and demolition. (Read more)

Demolition Management of a Large Major Manufacturing Site

Landmark safely completed a seven-year decommissioning and demolition of a major aerospace manufacturing site during the transfer of the property from Brownfield to Greenfield Redevelopment. Landmark successfully designed and managed the environmental decontamination and demolition of the one million square foot industrial building on the 45-acre former Hamilton Sundstrand Denver Metal Works facility. The facility included multiple buildings that began operations in the 1950s, was decommissioned in 2003 and 2004, and demolished in 2007 and 2008. Corrective action plan investigations continued at this site until 2019. Manufacturing processes in this facility included machining, welding, electroplating, painting, heat-treating, nondestructive testing, and waste treatment. (Read more)

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