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PROJECT 1: Multidisciplinary Environmental Compliance Services for a National Retailer

Landmark assisted Recreational Equipment, Inc. in navigating the challenges of updating a historically preserved industrial building with environmental and safety considerations, without impacting store operations.

Landmark provided high-value project management, planning, design, industrial hygiene, project and facility safety, environmental consulting services, and construction implementation review for Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) at their Denver, Colorado flagship store. REI hired Landmark to coordinate an inspection, design, abatement, and construction team capable of tackling substantial renovations at the high profile and historically protected flagship store, which is housed in the former Denver Tramway Company,


Services on this project included a Facility Safety Assessment, Asbestos, and Hazardous Material Survey, development of Corporate Facility Health and Safety Standard Operating Procedures, Subsurface Environmental Conditions Assessment, preparation of abatement design documents, abatement contractor solicitation, abatement project management, and Indoor Air Quality Assessments and exposure monitoring. During this project, Landmark assisted REI in navigating the challenges of updating a historically preserved building with closely integrated construction and environmental and safety considerations without impacting store operations.


Following successful attainment of established safety, budget, and schedule goals at the Denver Flagship Store, Landmark was retained to review and update approximately 40 Environmental Health and Safety Programs for REI’s system-wide infrastructure. Programs were developed, reviewed with senior management, and implemented in a very short time frame of fewer than six months.

PROJECT 2: Multidisciplinary  Environmental Compliance and Engineering Services for a Western U.S. Sugar Beet Processing Company
Environmental Compliance - Leaking Unlab

Landmark has conducted numerous industrial hygiene and environmental compliance projects for a  sugar beet processing company with facilities and product transfer substations located throughout the Mountain-West region.

Landmark performed industrial hygiene work, including inspection and sampling for asbestos-containing materials, planned abatement projects to support facility operations, emergency response containment, and cleaning of asbestos materials, asbestos project management, and abatement oversight. Many asbestos-related projects have been conducted as turnkey projects, with Landmark managing the entire life cycle of the project.

Landmark’s solid waste compliance services have included the design and permitting of beneficial reuse of regulated sugar beet processing byproducts and the cost-effective closure of historical solid waste management units.  Multi-media regulatory compliance support included the development and implementation of comprehensive inspection programs for water discharge and odor monitoring.

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