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PROJECT 1: University of Colorado - Boulder
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Landmark’s understanding of facility infrastructure, student and faculty schedule constraints, and student/faculty safety requirements enables consistent project success in a complex university setting.

Since 2011, Landmark has provided industrial hygiene services for the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU), including inspection and sampling for lead-based paint, asbestos-containing materials (ACM), silica, and microbial growth, and oversight of abatement projects.  Landmark’s expertise is predicated on fundamental understandings of facility infrastructure, student and faculty schedule constraints, and student/faculty safety requirements.

Landmark has been an integral part of several extensive higher education campus building and housing renovations. The projects are varied and often complex, including research laboratories, science buildings, dormitories, visual arts facilities, and museums. Many projects include a comprehensive review of past inspections to identify and supplement data gaps in surveys, data reliability reviews, and reconciliation of the university’s environmental sample database.

Landmark has facilitated inter-Academic Institution information sharing among our major higher education clients, including environmental and industrial hygiene data, policy and loss prevention procedure development strategies, and emerging technologies.  

PROJECT 2: University of Alaska- Anchorage

Landmark collaborates with university faculty to develop and implement improved Environmental, Health, and Safety programs to help mitigate risk and reduce costs.

Landmark was retained by the University of Alaska-Anchorage (UAA) to perform Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Compliance Program development and management support, and to assist the Alaska Statewide Office of Risk Management (RM) in reviewing current and future UAA operations and EHS programs for potential risk exposures. Services include supporting the UAA campus EHS/RM Departments by facilitating relevant campus committees that focus on improving the management of health and safety and developing training programs and materials.

Landmark began this process by carefully reviewing governing Policy Statements with the Vice Chancellors, Department Deans, and Directors and evaluating the policy’s purpose and intent versus practical application, including a review of the organizational structure within UAA as related to EHS workflows. UAA EHS Policy & Program development support also included assistance with change management during Behavior-Based Safety Program development, Job Hazard Analysis program implementation, and safety training resource library development.

PROJECT 3: University of Wyoming
UW Asbestos-HBM Projects.jpeg

Consistent, reliable advice assists this university with navigating abatement requirements on multiple projects.

Landmark has an environmental on-call services contract with the University of Wyoming (UW) and has been assisting UW with asbestos, lead-based paint, and regulated building materials surveys. Landmark provides recommendations for remediation and provides technical documents for bidding, followed by oversight and air monitoring services. These services are provided for the demolition or renovation of a number of varied campus buildings.

Like most higher education facilities, ongoing remodeling occurs throughout the campus. Landmark assists UW’s Health and Safety Department in assessing the various remodeling projects and whether environmental remediation is necessary. Landmark performs project-specific asbestos, lead-based paint, and regulated building materials surveys to assess potential impacts to the project.  Landmark provides both technical and regulatory assistance to assist UW in responding to inquiries.

Landmark provides value to UW through ongoing, as-needed contracts by multitasking between abatement project oversight functions and various sample collection and analysis tasks for other smaller-scale projects. By carefully coordinating Landmark’s resources and assignments at UW, we can efficiently execute projects prioritized by UW.

PROJECT 4: Industrial Hygiene Support for a Public School’s Renovation Projects

Landmark works carefully with the renovation project team to develop abatement schedules and phasing plans such that environmental work minimizes the impact on the overall renovation schedule.

Landmark has been providing high-value asbestos consulting services for two large municipal school districts since 2017. Projects involve the renovation of various school buildings, including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and fire alarm renovations. Services include historical data reviews, asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and lead-based paint surveys, construction document development, and abatement oversight and clearance monitoring.  Initial pre-construction, non-destructive inspections of suspect ACMs are often conducted while the buildings are occupied. Inspection activities are conducted to minimize disruption.

Landmark’s understands that the focus of asbestos management projects in schools is hazard assessment and control. When conducting inspections, a hazard analysis focus is applied, and abatement scopes of work include careful consideration of the appropriate extent of containment, environmental controls, abatement methods. These considerations are correlated with the design drawings.

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