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OCTOBER 16, 2020: Landmark Environmental, Inc. is seeking a Senior IH Program Manager in Colorado Springs.

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Landmark continues to grow! We have established a number of key accounts and projects in Colorado Springs, and are planning to open a field office there in early 2021. We are looking for a Senior Program Manager with a strong Industrial Hygiene background to manage these local projects and assigned staff. This position will offer a wide variety of assignments, high-level technical and business responsibility, and direct working relationships with top professionals in our high-performing and entrepreneurial business. If you are interested in this strategic opportunity, or have recommendations for candidates, please email me at and use the subject line: CS Senior IH Program Manager. #Industrial Hygiene

SEPTEMBER 22, 2020: COVID-19 Indoor Air Exposure: HVAC Precautions
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I wanted to provide updates on evolving perspectives regarding indoor air and COVID-19, which is thought to spread mainly through close person-to-person contact. However, uncertainty remains regarding the relative importance of different routes of transmission. In addition to close contact with infected people and contaminated surfaces, there is growing evidence that COVID-19 may spread indoors via airborne particles. Changes to the operation of HVAC systems can reduce potential airborne exposures.

There are a number of helpful guidelines available, including the USEPA (, CDC (, OSHA (, and ASHRAE ( These guidelines recommend increased ventilation rates and fresh air make-up, modifying filtration systems, and more frequent and thorough maintenance. Building owners should be mindful that there are emerging air treatment technologies that remain unproven and should consult with experts before HVAC modifications.

Landmark works closely with mechanical engineers to evaluate HVAC systems and develop practical solutions. If you have any questions, please give me a call. #hvac #covid #building

JUNE 1, 2020: Landmark's Brandy Howard to Address the American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo Conference

We're pleased to share that Landmark’s Brandy Howard, CIH, CSP is speaking at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo (AIHce) conference being held virtually this year on June 2 at 8 am MDT. She will discuss performing ACM and LBP inspections in historical structures as part of the AIHA’s Museum, Historical Site, and Collection Care Risk Management Working Group. Highlights of topics to be covered include:

  • Strategies used by the Smithsonian to safeguard the storage of specimens preserved in flammable liquids.

  • The Art Institute of Chicago’s use of inert gas fire protection systems within the Prints and Drawings department to protect their paper collections.

  • A review of inspections techniques for lead and asbestos in historical structures.

  • Case studies in worker exposures including preservation of specimens using formalin and arsenic-containing historical texts.

  • Fossilized collection preparation and exposures generated including crystalline silica.

  • Apothecaries and the hidden hazards in their collections.

For more information about Brandy’s conference session, visit

MAY 20, 2020: Respiratory Protection Guidance
5-22-20 Mask Photo.jpg

As Industrial Hygienists, we are asked how to safely control exposures to airborne contaminants. Proper and consistent implementation of respiratory protection procedures is key, yet challenging, due to several factors:

  • Improper fit or positioning of respiratory protection devices can reduce effectiveness or increase the potential for hand-to-face contact.

  • Misunderstanding of the protection capabilities provided by a dust mask can lead to overconfidence. A recent study by the American Chemical Society found that N95 masks filter out 85-99% of droplets, but this is highly dependent on aerosol size, emission rates and procedures for mask storage and cleaning.

  • Inconsistent use (or non-use) of respirators by different people in the same setting, whether due to lack of individual responsiveness or unclear requirements, can demotivate others.

Key considerations when using a cloth face covering are consistent application of policies regarding use, using masks with a snug fit that is also comfortable during activity, and training on mask use and sanitization. Mask use should always be in concert with administrative and engineering controls.

Please contact us if we can provide further safety tips to controlling exposures to airborne contaminants.

APRIL 15, 2020: Workplace Safety During COVID-19


We have been assisting our industrial and manufacturing clients with developing practical plans, or updating existing pandemic plans, for preparing workplaces for COVID-19. As many commercial, professional services, and tech companies require employees to work from home, manufacturers face the reality that their employees must work on site. The challenge is to maintain a safe workplace while meeting production requirements.

The basic tenets of an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan include the implementation of basic infection prevention measures, development of procedures for prompt identification and isolation of sick personnel, development of workplace flexibilities and protections, and implementation of controls. Workplace controls include engineering (e.g., installing physical barriers), administrative (e.g., establishing alternating days or extra shifts that reduce the total number of employees in a facility at a given time), safe work practices, and appropriate personnel protection equipment (PPE). A good general reference for background and context is the OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 (OSHA 3990-03 2020).

Please call me if you have any questions. We can also steer you to industry-specific guidance and best practices. #healthandsafety

MARCH 18, 2020: Landmark Offers COVID-19 Guidance on Minimizing Pathogenic Exposure Risks

3-18-20 Post Photo.jpg

COVID-19 is pervasively impacting business, education and government operations across the U.S. and the world. As industrial hygiene and occupational safety/public health experts, we understand exposure pathways and pathogenic threats. We are actively working with clients on practical approaches to minimizing exposure risks and interruptions to business.  If you have questions regarding minimizing pathogenic exposure risk in your facility, educational institution or business operations, please call (720-283-8975 ) or e-mail ( We also maintain a comprehensive compendium of guidance and protocols to which to point you.

To our valued customers… Our collective experience regarding minimizing pathogenic exposure is being applied to our business operations and projects daily.  We can assure you that all projects will be accomplished on time and with minimal risk of pathogenic exposure to your location.

Our offices are currently open, however we are carefully monitoring conditions and are ready to work efficiently from home if needed. If you have work-in-progress documents and deliverables, we will continue to meet all established project requirements.  Our goal is to stick with all deadlines and project staffing assignments. 

Plan smart and stay safe!

FEBRUARY 24, 2020: We Are Hiring!
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Since our inception in 1999, Landmark Environmental has grown by developing relationships and business opportunities through referrals and repeat customers. We have a high potential growth offering for a senior position in our Property Redevelopment practice area. The exceptional candidate will have a significant opportunity to grow into a senior leadership position within our organization.


Specifically, we’re looking for conscientious, effective and high-energy individuals with experience in complex property redevelopment and repurposing projects. The position requires excellent critical thinking skills, profound understanding of environmental technical requirements, strong familiarity with the Denver/Colorado Front Range market and demonstrated experience in developing and managing multiple, and high-profile, projects. As an owner-operated firm that is managed by subject matter experts with a client and employee-focused culture and strong business ethics, Landmark has an impeccable reputation and is poised for significant growth in 2020. Come join us as we grow while maintaining the highest quality and reputation.


For more information about this strategic opportunity, please email and use the subject line: Senior PM Job Description.  

November 13, 2020: Covid Workplace Recommendations

As Covid-19 cases surge across the country, many states with OSHA-approved plans are considering more stringent and mandatory rules to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Recently, Oregon OSHA adopted a temporary rule that employers must implement risk-reducing measures including, enforcement of physical distancing, providing face coverings or face shields at no cost to the employee, wearing face coverings in work vehicles, maximizing the effectiveness of existing ventilation, written infection control plans, and developing job-specific risk assessments. Face covering and distancing requirements also apply to outdoor work settings subject to the employer’s control.  

These rules are intended to further reduce risks in the workplace by requiring several measures that many employers have voluntarily implemented. Read more at 

We consider these measures to be industry best practices. It is presently unknown whether federal OSHA will adopt similar stringent rules for workplace Covid-19 safety. We will keep our readers apprised of developments as they arise. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or require assistance in enhancing your employee protection plans, please give me a call. 

February 11, 2021: Updated Covid-19 Guidance for Workplaces

OSHA issued updated COVID-19 guidance for workplaces. This is the “first step” by the Biden administration and new OSHA leadership to address the pandemic more aggressively. The updated guidance comes from an Executive Order signed on January 21.  Unlike a regulation, however, these guidelines compel no legal obligations for employers.  


Steps that employers should take to reduce transmission of COVID-19 include policies that encourage potentially infected workers to remain home without adverse consequences. Workers also should have protection from retaliation for raising COVID-related concerns, and employers should communicate policies and procedures in every language spoken by their workforce. Additionally, the guidance calls for hazard assessments, Written Prevention Programs, and identification of control measures to limit spread. 


The guidance includes information about physical distancing and face coverings, as well as the roles of employers and employees in COVID responses. This includes considerations for higher risk workers through supportive policies. Other sections address installation of barriers when physical distancing of six feet or more isn’t feasible, ventilation, personal protective equipment, hygiene practices, and enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures. 

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